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How to Support Dream Big Books

You can make a donation to our yearly program or support a specific project by adding a note after selecting your donation amount!

Help Kids Dream Big!

Join Dream Big Books' journey to educate the next generation with our innovative platform. Your financial support will allow us to reach our goal of publishing 2 books a month and distributing over 24,000 books! 

Cost Breakdown For A Full Year of Programming: $64K per month

$25,000 to Fund a Full Book: 2 Stories released per month 

Cost Breakdown by Program:

Books: $25K

2 per month

1,000 copies

 each of 2 new Dream Big Books released monthly

Cover Story: $3.5K 

1 per week

1 Page Animation on a collegiate athlete and podcast

Pop-ups: $35K

Per Event

We create a group book and present a Dream Big 

Imagination station at an event

Your Impact:

  • Distribution of Books to underserved youth at Literacy Days

  • DBB Imagination Station Popups allow us to reach a wider community that matters most to you

  • All donations help us Create Books and inspire kids to Dream Big! 

Year Long Program of 13 Books: $325,000

We are launching a curriculum that helps high school students publish 13 Dream Big Books in a year around the same subject. 

Structure of the program

We select groups of High School students to take 12 subjects from the first book and create full books on each person.

Program Stages:

First Book Created

On 12 subjects around a central theme. High School Students use this book to create full stories

 Create a book on each character

Each group of students will create a full book and become published authors

Each Individual book released once a month

This gives us a year long program with a total of 13 books created and distributed by students

Overcome An Obstacle? Want To Pay It Forward?

We give people who have overcome a life challenge the opportunity to inspire others going through the same battle by Captaining a Fundraising Team to raise money for a book on the same issue. We will create a Dream Big Cover Story with your testimonial as a tool to assist in your fundraising campaign.

How to Fund a Book in 2024:

  • Total amount to raise: $25,000​​

  • An initial donation of $3,500 to create a Cover Story

  • A commitment to raise the total amount in next 2 months

  • We will work with you to design, write, and distribute the book in a way that aligns with the cause you are passionate about 

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