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How to Support Dream Big Books

Two ways you can make an impact are to Become a Changemaker and through our Pay it Forward Campaign

Become a Changemaker

Join Dream Big Books' journey to educate the next generation with our innovative platform. Your financial support will allow us to reach our goal of publishing 2 books a month in 2024!

Cost Breakdown Per Book

$15,000 to Fund a Full Book

Cost Breakdown by Stage:

Stage 1: $5,000

Commissions for initial art with Cover Story

Stage 2: 


Process of editing art into final digital and printed book and fim

Stage 3:


Distributions of the book and film

Your Impact:

  • Distribution of Books to underserved youth

  • DBB Imagination Station Popups allow us to reach a wider community that matters most to you

  • All donations help us Create Books and inspire kids to Dream Big! 

Pay it Forward Campaign

We give people who have overcome a life challenge the opportunity to inspire others going through the same battle by Captaining a Fundraising Team to raise money for a book on the same issue. We will create a Dream Big Cover Story with your testimonial as the audio to assist in your fundraising campaign.

How to Fund a Book in 2024:

  • Total amount to raise: $15,000​​

  • An initial donation of $2,500 with a commitment to raise $5,000 in the first two weeks 

  • A commitment to raise the total amount in 3 months

  • We will work with you to design, write, and distribute the book in a way that aligns with the cause you are passionate about 

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