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We are a Multimedia Storytelling Platform that is an innovation in experiential learning. Our unique creative process brings stories to life and engages audiences of all ages through our interactive books and films.

We take kids on a creative journey through sports, art, storytelling and literacy.

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Art IGNITE​S children’s imagination and helps them express themselves in a creative way.

We use athletes' powerful stories to INSPIRE kids to broaden their dreams beyond the field.

Sports INSTILLS RESILIENCY by sharing stories of triumph and defeat, teaching kids to overcome obstacles in their lives and DREAM BIG on and off the field.

Founder Josh Merwin's Story:

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Josh has viewed the world through a camera lens since he was 8 years old.  

After finding a $20 bill on the ground, he searched for the perfect toy. After two unsuccessful trips to Toys'R'Us, he saw a Polaroid Camera at Target with his mom. This started his journey as a storyteller.

His passion for storytelling  and desire to help the next generation follow their dreams led to the creation of Dream Big.

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