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We are a Multimedia Storytelling Platform that is an innovation in experiential learning. Our unique creative process brings stories to life and engages audiences of all ages through our interactive books and films.

2024 Giving Opportunities: 

Holocaust Survivors

We are bringing Holocaust Survivor Ruth Steinfeld's amazing story to life. We will fight Hate & Antisemitism with a larger program around 

historical Jewish figures. 

Historical Figures

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Dream Big Books full program of 24 books will educate and inspire with stories of athletes and other historical figures. 


Join us at PCA's Porsche Parade & Werks Reunion! Inspired by Ferdinand Porsche, we fuel the next generation's 

entrepreneurial journey.

Donation levels starting at $50

Who We Spark!

Our educational platform is designed to engage and support kids throughout their youth and transition to adulthood. Throughout this journey, we engage aspiring youth to dream big and realize achievement.


Ages 3-10

Improved literacy and enhanced creative thinking

Inspires resilience to overcome Physical and Mental obstacles

Our books are created to educate this age group.


Ages 11-17

Improves self-identity

Teaches storytelling

Team building experiences

Groups of students create a book through our collaborative team programs


Ages 18-26

Career Launching Pad

Creative Up-Skilling

Individual artist is commisioned to produce a full book

How To Help Kids Dream Big!

Learn more about how to make an impact by inspiring kids to set big goals and overcome the obstacles to reach them.

Become an Athlete Ambassador  

Athletes can commission their own Dream Big Book with a $15,000 donation.

This document illustrates the many ways you can support Dream Big books and become the sponsor of a book or event. 

Here are some of our completed projects...

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