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What Drives Your Dreams?

Our What Drives Your Dreams? campaign introduces kids to the Porsche brand and shares success stories of entrepreneurs like Ferdinand Porsche.

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We Help Young Entrepreneur’s Dream Big!

 A $3,500 donation funds a Cover Story, Podcast, and a Porsche Portrait

Cover Story + Podcast:

Our new podcast series called "What Drives Your Dreams?" will pair an inspiring student-athlete with a student journalist and artist each week.  Together they will discuss the athlete's motivating story to be released as a 15-minute podcast. Additionally, the artist will create a ~45 second animated cover that brings the athlete's inspiring story to life and lets them tell their story in their own voice. Donor will also receive an animated portrait of  their Porsche!

Example of a Cover Story

Custom Porsche Portrait:

Our young artists will create custom animations of collector's cars as a donation reward to fund the creation of our kids books. Donors will also have the option to highlight their profession, to inspire new career opportunities for kids 

Example of Porsche Portrait Animation


Drive for a Cause:
Former UCLA Football player and actor on Ballers, Donovan Carter has agreed to host a series of Celebrity Track Day Fundraising events to help fund our Dream Big Books. These will have a fundraising goal of $15,000 per team.

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